San Juan Card Game Review

Transform a sleepy Caribbean town into an economic and industrial powerhouse in San Juan, the card game based on the award-winning Puerto Rico board game. Race against your fellow colonists as you strive to buy up plantations and mines, and build industrial, commercial and government buildings. Become the dominant power behind the economy of this tropical paradise and show the world who is in charge of the island!Puerto Rico was an economic strategy game that transformed the board gaming world in 2002, introducing gameplay concepts that revolutionized the way games have been designed since. Its impact is still felt nearly a decade later, and is still ranked as the top board game on BoardGameGeek. San Juan is a card game derived from this revolutionary board game and designed by the same creator Andreas Seyfarth. It provides nearly the same amount of depth and strategy while making the game shorter and more fast-paced.The goal of San Juan is to accumulate the most victory points by the end of the game, which occurs when any player constructs 12 buildings in his estate. The buildings you construct are worth a range of victory points, with some buildings providing a varying amount of victory points depending on how well you meet their required conditions. Your objective is therefore to build as many efficient buildings as possible and accumulate victory points faster than your opponents.However, you can’t just simply construct any building cards you get your hands on. Each building has a construction cost, with the more expensive buildings being more powerful and worth more victory points. Similar to other card games like Race for the Galaxy, this cost is paid by discarding other building cards from your hand. So, playing a 4-cost building will require you to discard 4 other building cards. As you can see, constructing buildings will quickly deplete your hand.There is also a time and place for everything. Similar to Puerto Rico, actions become available when players choose roles. Every round, the starting player or Governor gets to choose a role to play. Once every player has played the action associated with that role, the next player gets to select a role. This continues until every player has selected a role for the round. The starting player position then moves to the next player and the role selection begins again.There are 5 roles in the game. When the Builder role is selected, every player gets to construct a building. When the Councilor is selected, every player gets to draw cards and choose one to keep. Selecting the Producer role allows production buildings to produce their goods, while the Trader role lets players sell their goods for more cards in hand. The Prospector role is slightly different in that it only allows the player who selects it to draw a card. Being the player who selects the roles also provides benefits. For example, the player that chooses the Builder role can build at a reduced cost, while the player that chooses the Producer role can produce an extra good.There are plenty of buildings in San Juan, each of which confer powerful abilities to help you win the game. There are production buildings that allow you to produce and sell goods such as sugar, tobacco and coffee. Selling these goods is crucial as it helps you replenish your hand with more cards in order to construct more buildings, or even to find a building you want to construct. Other buildings that change the game environment include the Aqueduct which allows its owner to produce one more good, and the Market Hall that gives you an extra card when you sell a good.There are also end-game buildings that have a variable victory point value. For example, the Palace is worth 1 victory point for every 4 victory points you have, while the Guild Hall gives you 2 victory points for every production building in your estate. Your goal in the game is therefore to construct a combination of buildings which will keep your hand constantly supplied with cards, and which mesh well together to provide an efficient path towards earning the most victory points.As San Juan is derived from the Puerto Rico board game, a comparison between the two would be prudent. The most obvious difference is the game speed, with a game of San Juan taking less than half the time of a Puerto Rico game. The resource system has also changed; in San Juan, rather than having a separate currency resource, the building cards themselves are also the currency. San Juan does not have the ability to ship goods or man buildings with colonists. The associated Captain and Mayor roles are therefore not present. San Juan instead adds the Councilor role which helps players cycle and draw cards. There are also a couple of other minor tweaks to streamline the game to fit a fast-paced card game.San Juan is an elegant and successful card game version of the best-selling Puerto Rico economic strategy board game, bringing to life the commercialization and industrialization of the sleepy Caribbean town. The game is quick and intense, and the gameplay is straightforward enough for beginners, yet has enough depth to keep experienced players entertained. San Juan is ideal for you if you like economic strategy and role-drafting board games such as Agricola or Puerto Rico, or similar card games such as Race for the Galaxy.Complexity: 2.5/5.0Playing Time: ~ 45 minutesNumber of Players: 2 to 4 players

How to Avoid Counterfeit Wholesale Video Games

The video game market is a huge part of the entertainment industry. Since it is worth billions of dollars each year, it is easy to see why the market gets loaded down with counterfeit games coming from fake suppliers. This can create a problem for you if you are buying bulk games for your business or even if you just want to purchase them for your own use. Doing a quick internet search will bring up many sources, however, these sources may not be legitimate.Technological advances today have made it easy for people to copy and counterfeit video games. With new releases making millions in the first day, it is easy to see why you can find so many fake games out there on the market. When you see top selling games online for really low prices beware! These are usually counterfeit.These five rules can help you avoid counterfeit video gamesWhether you are looking to buy new or even used games, these rules will help you avoid ending up with fakes. No matter what gaming system you are buying for from PS2 or Xbox or any of the others, these same rules will help you get legitimate wholesale games.The first rule to consider is:Think realistically. An authentic new release of a popular game selling an unbelievable low price just doesn’t legitimately happen. If it is a hot game that is selling well in the store, ask yourself this question – Why would this distributor be selling this at this low of a price? The answer is usually because it is a counterfeit.The second rule is this:When you find a wholesale game distributor that has multiple copies of a top selling popular video game when all the stores are out of stock, ask yourself this question – Why do they have so many of these games when the stores are all sold out? The answer is that they are probably counterfeit copies of the game. These are common listings on many online auction sites. When you see this, it should be a giant red flag! If you are considering buying one of these make sure to look closely at the description in the listing. Most counterfeiters will be quite vague in their description and will usually not disclose the manufacturer of the product. They also will most likely not say anything about the authenticity of the game. They do not mention this for a reason, if they don’t claim it to be real, then they figure you can’t complain when you receive a fake copy.The third rule:Video games that are listed as new but opened should put up a red flag for you. Make sure that you find out why it has been opened and why they are selling it. If you are buying them wholesale in lots, that have been opened, I would strongly recommend against this.The fourth rule:When you see a game advertised by video games wholesalers that is said to be new, but it does not come in the original box, beware! If the original instruction manual or booklet is not included you can bet it is probably a counterfeit.The fifth rule:Make sure you do some research on the wholesalers you are dealing with. Check out their feedback and search them on the web to look for any complaints against them. It is a good idea to try to call them on the phone and ask some questions. Most fake games come from Asia, so use caution when dealing with sellers in these areas.These principles also apply when you are dealing with wholesale video games such as wholesale Wii games, wholesale Xbox games, wholesale ps3 games, wholesale PSP games, wholesale Xbox 360 games, wholesale Nintendo DS games, and even looking to purchase wholesale PC games and wholesale video game accessories.The bottom line is, just use your common sense. If a deal sounds too good to be true, stay away from it. Don’t be in such a rush to purchase that you do not take the time to check out the company completely. When buying wholesale video games you can find some great bargains out there, but buyer beware! These simple steps can help you avoid getting ripped off and help you get a true bargain!

What Makes Online Arcade Games So Popular?

Playing games is a favorite way to pass the time for millions of people around the world. Most of them will love to play them online for hours and hours every day. There are various games that are made available online in the current market that will suit anyone’s needs. Most of them are free for play and some of them charge to play. Arcade ones are one of the coin process games which have been gaining popularity for decades.These arcade games are also played online from 1970’s which means they have a long history and you can now play hundreds and thousands of different ones. If you take just a bit of time to search through the most popular sites you’ll find dozens of games that will suit your taste.Children also like to play video games and they mostly pick up ping pong, Pac man and so on. Most of them believe that the game which had been liked by people was space invaders back in 1978. This was considered to be a first game which helps the player to enter the initials of highest scores and can check for the rank in it.Due to accessibility to the use these games are much popular because one can play the game as and when required. Arcade had developed lots of games like Pac-man, foggers, space invaders and many more. People like these games very much and some may be addicted to these games.These become popular because of the affordability because most of the arcade games are available for free of cost and with the wide variety of choices one can select anything he likes. There are many advantages playing arcade games online in fact there are multiple choices.Thus, it is very easy to play a game online without many efforts. The technology had improved a lot and people can find best options in the home itself. Some may feel stress free while playing and some may play them at leisure times or particularly take time to play at weekends.Most of them are fond of playing games but popular ones from the biggest sites would be a best idea because these games are voted by other users that they are the most fun. Arcade games are very much popular because of the availability and popularity. One can easily find one online with a single click on mouse by typing the keyword into the web browser. Thus, one can choose one that is suitable to their interest and play it, enjoy it.